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People (including my own children) often ask me. “What is it that you do on a training day?”  Many clearly believe it is a bit of planning and marking before leaving at lunchtime to go to the pub!

Today at YHS we have had a training day which focuses on improving the skills and practice of all our staff.  The day has gone to the following timetable

8.30 - 9.00 Mr Burton Executive Headteacher explained the path of improvement that we need to follow to secure a good Ofsted judgement in 2020.

9.00 – 9.15 Mrs Kitchen Deputy Headteacher for teaching and learning introduced the new teaching model.  These are the principles of teaching that according to rigorous research lead to the best outcomes for students.

9.15 – 11.30 Staff broke into groups where they received training from our lead teachers on two of these principles which are as follows 

           1.  The Independent Practice session

          a) the processing of new learning to show understanding. 

          b) the use of extended pieces of work in each lesson

          c) the use scaffolding to effectively support independent learning

          d) effective behaviour for learning

          e) the use of questioning to promote engagement and participation

          f) ensuring that the challenge is right


         2. The Reviewing the Learning session

        a) the use of peer and self assessment for maximum impact in the classroom

        b) the use of effective questioning

        c) the best ways to check learning

        d) tailoring future learning

        e) reducing teacher talk

        f) promoting resilience to challenge

11.30 – 12.30 Staff were instructed by Mr Burton and myself in how to set effective targets in order to increase final grades

12.30 – 3.00 Completion of departmental improvement plans, performance management and target setting

This should give you a flavour of how hard we are working to improve our skills to increase the outcomes for our students.

Sorry to say goodbye today after 6 years to Tracy Neilson.  Tracy has been a great Teaching Assistant but has also done amazing work in tackling homophobia and championing diversity.

Half term next week so its over to you for a week! 

I have loved been Head of School I was asked by a student what is the best thing about been the Head and what is the worst. The best thing is the opportunity to tell anyone who will listen what a great group of kids go this school.  The worst things are dealing quite rightly with complaints about long term supply teachers when you are unable to share the reasons for absence or show just how hard we are working to put the best quality teachers in front of the students.  Rest assured we will not accept the status quo.

Have a great half term.  See you all in a weeks time

Rod Sims, YHS