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What a fast and furious half term.  Today was very productive with staff training on Independent practice and reviewing the learning.  The second session was about developing a consistent approach to behaviour based around respect and choices which can be summarised as follows.

  • Respect is like throwing a ball against a wall
    • what you throw against the wall is what you will get back
  • Choices
    • All behaviour is the result of a choice
    • We want our students to make better choices day by day, week by week, term by term and year by year
    • Not just behavioural choices but in their attitude to learning.

All assemblies this week to years 7 and 10 have had the same theme

Year 11 have left for an exciting weekend in Lincolnshire learning Maths and English as well as outdoor activities.

Year 8 are braving the cold at Euro Disney, its currently 2 degrees!

This morning I posted about wanting more people to attend the Year 11 parents evening.  The post was taken the wrong way by some who thought that I was trying to shame parents who were not attending.  On reflection the quickly written post may have seemed abrupt but it was not meant to shame.  My  intention is to build on the strengths of the community, I do not see the school, parents and the local community as separate.  If we are to move this school back to good then we all need to work together to raise standards.  I would welcome any comments from anyone about ways that we can break down the barriers that sometimes exist between school and parents.  This is why I started writing the weekly update to open up communication.  The School represents the community we serve, we are an open, honest and caring place that is striving to do the best for all our pupils.

Have a great weekend and enjoy having the kids back for the week!

Rod Sims

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