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What a week, where do I start?


I arrived to find the school cold as the boilers had turned off over the weekend.

This did mean school cold early on but heating up throughout the day.


When I arrived at school I was greeted with a rumour that we had asked all students to bring in blankets as we had no heating!!!  Yet the heating working fine and school was warm and toasty.

Rest of Tuesday passed off without event.


I have always said that if I was in charge I would never shut the school for weather. Now I am in charge I shut the school!

Cycled in on Wednesday to find that we had messages from over half the staff that they would be late or would not be able to travel due to the weather.  Several members of staff had been in accidents and some, who had made it to school, were shaken after near accidents.  At that point we would not have had enough staff so reluctantly and rather late we shut the school.  Amazing how quick that message got around!

I stayed in school all day timing it perfectly so that I rode home in a blizzard!


I was in school by 7am with the site team and at that point every other secondary school in York was already shut.  Therefore, we decided to shut the school due to the danger of travelling in the weather.


Got into school for 7am no problems

  • school open
  • boilers working
  • all staff in school
  • but only 77% of the students are in school today.

    As always stood at the gate greeting the students who mostly seemed cross that we had opened at all! 

On top of all this Boiler at home broken so no central heating or hot water for the last two days in my own house.  The phrase put your own house in order Mr Sims springs to mind.

What - a - week!!!!!!!

One last comment, normally snow brings some poor behavior choices as excitement levels rise, I would like to thank the majority of our students for the way that they have enjoyed themselves in a fun but respectable way this week.

Stay warm and see you next week

Rod Sims, YHS


Year 11 students have a week of practice exams in the core subjects

  • Revision materials will be on Show My Homework or the website.