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First of all I must apologise as I always approach Prom in a slightly miserable way as for me it is a 17 hour day!  However this only lasts for the first few minutes as you see how excited and thrilled the students are from the moment that they arrive to when they leave.  It was a fantastic night and a special thank you from me to all on the prom committee and Ms Evans who organised a brilliant night.  Also a thank you to the staff at the Marriott who organised a great event, especially ex pupils Katy Bailey and Jarrod Smith who were working that night.

The next thing for Year 11 is results day on the 23rd August starting at 9 am. 

If you are unable to collect your exam results in person on the date shown, they will be posted to your home address later that same day. However, if you would like someone to collect them on your behalf you must provide a letter written from yourself giving permission and name the person who will be collecting your results on the day. This letter must be received into school, addressed to Mrs Arundel by Thursday 19 July at the latest.

Year 10 have been brilliant today with the Royal Shakespeare Macbeth day.  Students have worked really hard and have produced some brilliant work.

One of my favourite days of the year is when the Year 6 have their first day at York High School.  After seeing the fabulous Westfield show on Tuesday night, great performances from all.  It was a joy to see all the future Year 7’s in school on Wednesday.  Welcome to York High School I hope that you are proud of your school and that you will stay proud of your school for the rest of your lives.

All this week we have introduced the new behaviour system to the students keep your eyes out for further information as to how we are moving the school forward next year.

That’s all from me have a great weekend.

Rod Sims