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Week 8

My update today will start with a list of thank you’s.

Thank you to the students who have worked hard for the last 8 weeks, all of you should have received reports which show attitudes to learning. An average of two or below is excellent. Well done to everyone with an average of 2 or below.

Thank you to all the parents who have worked with the school in making sure that their children make the best progress possible.

Thank you to all the staff at York High School who have worked tirelessly with the students in all classes.

This half term has been transformational thanks to Positive Behaviour. Students and staff alike are saying that they are getting through so much more work than last year. Some of you will be aware of the staffing issues we had last year, in particular in Science and Spanish. This year we have only brought supply teachers into school for 3 days. Last year at the same time it was 46 days. We surveyed at least two tutor groups in each year and 62% of students think that behaviour is better this year than last year. We did not make the changes for behaviour, we made the changes so that more progress and learning could take place in the lessons which would lead to better results. The next steps are in making sure that YHS students make the same progress as other students in other York schools. We have made significant progress towards this and we will be working just as hard in the run up to Christmas.

Important Dates for the future

November 5th – Training Day, students are not in school
November 6th – Students return to school at normal time
November 6th – Year 8 parents evening
November 13th - Year 10 and 11 Expectations evening. Come and find out how you can support your son/daughter in achieving their best GCSE grades possible.

Have a great half term, stay safe and remember to put the clocks back this weekend.

Rod Sims