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Headteachers Bulletin
Today we said goodbye to Year 11, well goodbye until we see them at the prom next week! It is always a special day when a year group leaves, I think this is the eleventh Year 11 that I have wished good luck to. For most of the students, I met them in year 6 and the main sadness that I have is that we do not have a sixth form so that we can carry on learning together. I want our students to be proud of the school before they arrive when they are here and to carry on feeling proud of the school when they leave. I know that I am proud of all of our students.
Each Year group is different and this Year 11 are the most mature as a group that we have had at YHS. As a year group they have worked hard all year, we have seen more revision as a year group and their attitude to the exams has been excellent. I am sure that we will see this transferred into exam success.
Today it was a lovely atmosphere in the hall and I was delighted to once again relive the born at this wall . . . . assembly.
Good Luck Class of 2019 and I will leave you all with the three pieces of advice from today
1. Life -Never be afraid to make mistakes. But always own them and learn from them.
2. Love - Never settle always keep looking. You will know when you find the right one.
3. Happiness - Be you not what someone else wants you to be.
Have a great weekend and see you at Prom
Rod Sims