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Week 9

I want to start this week with a reminder about the importance of good attendance.  All research shows that good attendance leads to success at school and in future life.  The national average for secondary schools last year was 94.8%.   At York High School we currently have an attendance rate of 92%.  Over half our students last term had an attendance of 97% or more and I want to congratulate those students.  We believe that good attendance is 95% plus, any attendance that is lower will have an effect on students reaching their potential.   If a student attends for 5 years at 90% they will have missed a term and a half of education.  It is the same as half a day off every week.  7.5% of our students (50+) have an attendance of less than 70%.    We support our students to attend school but occasionally we have to take further action such as fixed penalty fines or in the most extreme cases court action, this week several parents were fined a total of nearly £1800 for their children’s non-attendance at York High School.

Fantastic to be back after the half term working with the superb YHS students.  During the half term Mr Fisher took a group of students to see Blood Brothers.

Mr Clayton went with 5 of our students to an Independent State Schools partnership event this week and said the following.

On Wednesday five Year 7s took part in the ISSP event at St Peter's School which set out to decide what the biggest breakthrough in History was. Around 150 young people listened to experts advocating for major developments like the invention of numbers, the wheel and storytelling. They then debated in randomly selected groups before voting on the one they thought most important.

Was great to see some very passionate debate, with our students often leading the discussion. Was also interesting how much more popular the scientific themes were.

Fantastic news for the catering team!

The search for Britain’s next LACA School Chef of the Year is now underway!

York High School’s Catering Manager, Rebecca Crossley, has successfully completed the local round of the competition and is heading to the regional finals being held at Barnsley College in January 2020. Huge congratulations to Becky on her achievements so far and good luck for the next round!

Winners of the regional finals will be invited to the national finals in March 2020.

Entrants have 90 minutes to prepare, cook and serve an imaginative, school compliant two course menu, suitable for serving to 11 year old pupils, primary year 6 or secondary year 7.

For her dishes in the local round Becky served an Eboracum Burger (a garlic and herb Yorkshire pudding burger with sweet potato and potato chips, salad and coleslaw) followed by a strawberry Minster dessert (strawberry mousse with cream and biscuit top).


Pictured celebrating her competition success so far are North Yorkshire County Catering staff (l to r): Kath Brecken (previous 2016 competition winner), Rebecca Crossley (YHS Catering Manager) and Kay Oxley (NYCC Facilities Manager). Pictured right: The winning dishes.

This week we are spotlighting the work of the Geography department so I will let Mr Pattinson inform you of what is happening.

A great start to the second half term in Geography with lots of fantastic work taking place this week.

Year 7 have been out and about around the school completing a litter survey as a first opportunity to take part in fieldwork and start to understand the process of developing an idea and gathering evidence to test it.

Year 8 have been continuing to study Tropical Rainforests, they have studied the Kayapo tribe and written some imaginative diary entries about what it would be like to live in the Amazon. They have also designed their own Rainforest animals and explained how it would survive in the Amazon, some brilliant ideas!

Year 9 have been studying rivers and coasts, Mrs Callan’s group have created some rivers and coast models of landforms and how they are created in their lesson this week. Here are just a few.


Year 10 are settling really well into the step up to GCSE and have spent the last half term studying some of the issues that Brazil face in Rio de Janeiro and the opportunities that hosting the Olympics and Football World Cup have created for the city.

Year 11 are busy preparing for their December practice exams and working hard on preparing their revision materials, there has been some fantastic work with Mrs Callan’s Year 11 group producing some great resources that will help them hit their GCSE targets.

Have a great weekend

Rod Sims