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Week 10

What a great week to be at York High School.  This week I have had the pleasure of observing lots of lessons.  The change in the last two years not only in the quality of the teaching but in the attitude to learning from the students is clear to see. 

Today through a non-uniform day we have raised £623.61 for Children in Need.  Thank you to all of you who have contributed.

Other events of note this week

Mrs Haldenby was delighted with the Girls who took part in a Rugby development event, she said:

Fantastic to see so many girls out playing rugby yesterday afternoon. York knights came in to deliver some coaching in preparation for next month’s festival. The weather was brutal but the girls showed great resilience! Well done girls

On Monday Mrs Keel went to West Offices for Project Dare I will let her explain the day in her own words:

On Monday I accompanied 8 of our Year 10 students to West Offices to participate in an opening session for the latest Project Dare based around climate change. The aim is to develop an increased understanding of council plan priorities, specifically cleaner, greener city and aims to increase the number of young people who take action to reduce York’s carbon footprint.

During the concluding part of this session they were given the opportunity to 'speed date' with council workers from various departments. Staff commented that our students seemed incredibly informed about their Post 16 options, articulate about their passions and far more intelligent than expected (Grrrr!). Particular surprise came from 3 staff members over Oscar and Denise' taking Latin and Astronomy classes. Almost all staff departed the table commenting on what a great bunch they were.

As the session ended, we were asked to leave the room tidy. Several of our students went above and beyond, by collecting other peoples used cups and rubbish. This was noted by York Cares and CYC staff.

I was very proud to be accompanying this delightful group and look forward to our next session on Friday 22nd.

This week our subject focus is on Science so take it away Mr Drury!

It has been a great start to the year in Science! Years 7 and 8 have been looking at forces and cells, and have been using these to plan their own practicals. They then carried out the very important scientific process of peer review - checking each other’s work and using it to improve their conclusions.

Year 9 have been thrown in at the deep end this year by getting started with their GCSE content, but they are doing an amazing job! In physics they are looking at energy and energy changes, in chemistry a deeper look inside the structure of the atom, and in biology delving into cells and their processes.

Year 10 are also doing an outstanding job in their first full term of KS4. It is early days, but many of them are already getting close to the highest grades, and their determination and effort is something they should all be proud of.

Last but not least is Y11. This is a vital time of year, with practice exams just over a week away, and many of them are stepping up to the challenge admirably. It is always hard to balance revision for so many subjects, but we are all very proud of the effort and resilience that Y11 are showing on a daily basis.

Long bulletin this week, have a great weekend

Rod Sims

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