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Week 12

Hello everybody! A serious week for Year 11 as they have started their practice exams.  The attitude shown in the examination rooms has been brilliant, I hope that they are showing the same attitude in their revision.  This year we are releasing the results at the Year 11 parents evening.  Last year we only had 50% attendance at the Year 11 parents evening where Millthorpe had over 75%.  I am hoping that by releasing the results we will get more parents to attend and we will be able to have really productive conversations.  We can’t do it without your support.  Let’s see if we can beat the fantastic Year 8 turnout of 67%.

Sports News

Mr Crane will tell you about the Rugby Festival that took place Wednesday 27th November:

The Year 10 team lost to a very strong Archbishops Holgate team

The Year 9s beat Huntington, drew with Archbishops and lost to Fulford

The Year 7s beat Huntington, Fulford and Vale of York

They all played really well and had excellent behaviour throughout the evening.

The teams were:

Year 7: Connor D, Archie M, Oliver H, Harri A, Ellis B, Owen E, Matthew E, Mattie N, Kio N, Fletcher S.

Year 9: Bradley A, Oscar A-H, Cobi-Lee F, Harvey S, George D, Hayden W, Connor M, Bailey C, Leon N

Year 10: Callum C, Jared S, Gio E, Harry H, Ryan Lewis H, Andrew M, Rhys T, Logan R, Jacob M, Aaron B.

Girls Indoor Cricket took place Thursday 21st November against Fulford. A very strong Fulford team beat York High School. We had 16 girls competing in the competition, some playing cricket for the first time. A special mention for Molly Y and Jasmine A, who were excellent.

Mr Bower will tell you about some of our fantastic Year 8 pupils:

Well done to our pupils in Year 8 who received certificates as having highly commendable projects in Religious Studies as part of the national Spirited Arts competition.

Have a great weekend, can you believe it is the start of advent on Sunday!

Rod Sims