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Special weekly Briefing


Good Afternoon

Unfortunately as I was out of school I was unable to write to you with the weekly briefing last week. I do however want to update you with the work that we are doing to tackle bullying in the school. As previously mentioned Mr Louth launched the Tell Someone Campaign with assemblies in the first week. We followed this up with 200+ posters spreading the message of Tell Someone if you are being bullied. This advertises the different ways that we have for students to tell us about bullying.

Students can text on 01904 500057, e mail on, send a message on the Facebook site or use the anonymous Drop Box outside Mr Louth’s Office.

We always encourage students to tell members of staff in particular the Heads of House who are experienced in dealing with these issues. Communication is the key when dealing with bullying and that can often be several conversations over a period of time.

One of the problems that we face is that there can be confusion over what happens out of school. We have had recently a really unpleasant incident at one of the local parks late on a Friday evening which involved several of our students. We as a school can only take sanctions against what happens in school not what happens on an evening or during a weekend. We have no legal powers outside of school, these incidents should be reported to the Police.

We are not perfect but just like all other aspects of the school we are trying to improve all the time. This week we have seen all the Senior Leaders and the Heads of House wearing Tell Someone T shirts during the school day to spread the message. Before half term Mr Louth and myself will be setting aside an evening for anyone who wants to come in and discuss any bullying issues that they feel have not been handled correctly.

We have a joint responsibility as a school and as a community to challenge bullying wherever we see it.

During last week we had 6 incidents reported that we classed as bullying, 5 involved name calling and one was where a student was hit with a whiteboard. All students involved were challenged over their behaviour and the appropriate school sanctions were given.

We will continue to challenge any bullying that is reported to us with your support.