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Weekly Update

In the middle of all the upheaval of school closures I want to finish the week by focusing on the group of students who school closures has hit the hardest and that is our Year 11’s.   They have had 11 years of education and were 7 weeks away from GCSE exams when in the space of two days their education has finished.  Prom is very unlikely and all the nice things about finishing such as shirt signing and leavers assemblies were going to be missed.   Many people outside of education think all students will have been delighted to be sent home however YHs was a sad place on Thursday as many of our Year 11 students were deeply upset by the fact that they had lost the last part of their education.

Firstly let me discuss the key points from the Education Secretaries announcement about how GCSE’s will be awarded after the announcement late this afternoon.

  1. Predicted grades based on practice papers and where appropriate NEA’s
  2. GCSE’s will be awarded by the end of July
  3. Further details about the process that leads to the predictions will follow
  4. There will be a round of exams early in the next academic year for those unhappy with predictions

In light of this there seems little point in our year 11 completing revision tasks as there will  be no exams.  We will be asking all  subjects to put on SMHW bridging work or reading that would benefit students who are going on to study the subjects in Key Stage 5.

We will release more info about the hoodies, photos and the process to calculate grades when we get it.

We are pleased to say that we did have a leaver’s assembly where the students signed shirts and received end of year awards.  For all of our previous students as is becoming traditional, once again we repeated the excellent you are born at this wall assembly! We also gathered on the mound for a farewell picture.

We are all very proud of our Year 11 and we wish them all well for the future. 

Stay Safe

Rod Sims