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Weekly Update - 11th September 2020

First Week Back - 11/09/2020

It has been one of the best weeks in my teaching career to see the school come back to life this week. The staff at York High School have all been thrilled to meet the new Year 7 students and to welcome back Years 8 to 11.

Thank you to all of the parents who have sent the kids back so positively. The students have been fantastic in the way that they have followed the new arrangements. I have walked the school on many occasions this week and the atmosphere in the classrooms has been purposeful and focused.

The one way system is awkward and the new timetable is very complicated but everyone has tried their best this week to make the best of it. It's not perfect and we will look to modify and improve as we go forward.

The area that we must improve is in students wearing masks when they are walking round school. My feeling is that most parents are sending their kids to school with a mask but the students think it is too much trouble to put it on. Next week we will be delivering a stronger message about why it is strongly recommended that students should wear a mask. Please can you support this by encouraging students to wear a mask. If we had at least 90% of students wearing masks we could then modify the one way system to make it easier for students to access.

After nearly 6 months we are glad to be back doing what we do best.

Have a well deserved rest this weekend and see you all again next week

Rod Sims