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Weekly Update - 18th September 2020

Week 2 Update - Friday 18/09/2020

Only a brief one this week as it is late on a Friday evening and the school is being locked up around me. It has been closer to a normal week than last week as the students and staff have become more familiar with the timings of the school day and finding their way around school.

Although busy the last 2 weeks have reminded me why i love my job. The amount of times that our students make you smile and laugh during a day is priceless.

There are however two issues that i want to share with you.


As the week progressed we have about 10 – 20 students in each year group who are starting to arrive late on a morning this is a problem as it causes a mixing of the year groups which the staggered start times are designed to avoid. Here is a reminder about the times we expect the students to arrive in the morning.

Year 7 to arrive at school by 8.35 so they can wash hands and start the first lesson at 8.40

Year 8 to arrive at school by 8.40 so they can wash hands and start the first lesson at 8.45

Year 9 to arrive at school by 8.45 so they can wash hands and start the first lesson at 8.50

Year 10 to arrive at school by 8.50 so they can wash hands and start the first lesson at 8.55

Year 11 to arrive at school by 8.55 so they can wash hands and start the first lesson at 9.00

So far we have encouraged students who are late as they readjust to early mornings. However this is not having an effect on an increasing number of students so we will be returning to late detentions if students are not on time on a morning.

Face Coverings

Despite video assemblies at the start of the week and encouragement in the corridors and by the classroom teachers. We still have too small a number of students wearing face coverings in communal areas. As a way of encouraging students to wear face coverings, when classes leave at the end of a lesson students who are wearing face coverings are allowed to leave first. If students have a sunflower lanyard or a medical pass then they are also allowed to leave. The other students are not kept back for any length time they just leave slightly later. We are doing this to encourage our students to make the right decision and to wear the face coverings that you clearly are sending them to school with.

I have had several conversations today where parents were asking that face coverings in school were made compulsory and then there was no doubt. Parents who did not want their children to wear a face covering would be allowed to write to the school and opt out of wearing a face covering. I would be interested to hear people’s views on this subject. Please as always e mail at or use facebook messenger.

Thank you all for your ongoing support it is still great to be back.

Rod Sims