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Week 6 Update - Friday 16/10/2020

It’s a strange end to the week after the announcements yesterday. At the start of the term it felt very strange in school due to the measures we have in place to reduce the risk of Covid transmission and very normal outside of school. Now it feels the opposite, I know many of my Year 11 Maths students were finding it hard to understand why there are two totally different sets of rules in school and out of school. They will need all of our support to understand.

We have had no further positive cases at the time of writing and now have all of the students back from isolation. It has been a tough week as we have had 20% of our staff absent for many reasons such as self-isolation or where their children have been sent home from school as well as Non Covid illness. The position looks stronger next week but as always in these strange times let’s see what next week brings. We are planning for a variety of scenarios involving staff and student absence. The main reason we have moved from Satchel to Google Classrooms is so that if students have to stay at home as a whole year group then we will be able to have interactive live lessons. For example if it was one of my Maths classes I would “teach” for the first 20 minutes either through use of a webcam, a visualizer or a presentation and then be available for the next 30 minutes to answer questions. Let’s hope we do not get to that position.

Today we will be sending by email a letter from The South Bank Multi Academy Trust which outlines the plans to explore a merger with the South York Multi Academy Trust. Since joining the South Bank Trust they have been great at allowing us to retain our identity as York High School and we will seek to protect that identity in the future. There are however opportunities in further links with other schools.

Back to our main business, education! Our students and staff are working hard although both are starting to feel the effects of a long half term especially after school closure.

We sent out yesterday a link to the parent survey; your views are really important to us especially during these changing times.

On a positive note we raised over £500 for Mind last week, so well done again to Mr Walker and all involved.

To all the families who have supported us through the last 5 weeks thank you your support is totally appreciated. Best wishes to any of you whose jobs will be affected by the announcements, if we can help in any way we will, just contact us.

Enjoy the weekend as best you can.

Rod Sims