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Weekly Update - 13th November 2020

Weekly Update - Friday 13/11/2020

Hello everyone and I hope that you have had a good week!

We conducted training as a staff on Thursday so that we are ready for our first virtual Parents Evening on the 24th of November.  Year 8 Parents should have received an email informing them how to book your appointments and then how to access the appointments; it’s really easy and the app we use recommends using a smart phone. The appointments are available to book from Monday 16th November from 3pm.

We would rather meet face to face but this is better than not meeting at all.  It is the first time so please be patient if we have any technical issues.

We have had 4 positive Covid 19 cases this week and our best wishes go to the 29 Year 9’s and the 35 Year 7’s who are isolating for the next two weeks.

We have observed a minute's silence this week for Remembrance Day and are raising money for Children in Need through a non-uniform day today.  Guess which Headteacher forgot this morning and is in his usual suit, one of our students said to me this morning ‘are you not wearing non uniform because you don’t like children’!!

Thank you to all parents who have completed the parental survey and we will share this with you next week. I am going to start a weekly section to the updates sharing 3 of each.

Things you like about YHS:

The response back is always quick

We care for the students and have their best interests at heart

The Teachers

Which is the most important improvement you would like to see at York High:

More Communication between Parents and Teachers

From this week we will be emailing all parents with the weekly update as well as posting on facebook.  We send home postcards and many teachers make positive phonecalls.  I am really interested to know what communication you want as parents?  Please reply to: or comment/message on facebook.

PE brought back/Allow students to change out of uniform to do PE

Currently all students do PE in their uniform and are taking part in low impact activities.  Some our Year 10 and 11 GCSE students have been allowed to come to school in PE kit as it is part of their final course.  They then change after the lesson.  We were looking to offer other opportunities however we then went into the second lockdown where all community sport was put on hold.  The key issue is that we have to clean the changing rooms between each year group and we do not have the staff to do this.  One of the benefits at the moment is that hardly any students are bringing notes to avoid PE and participation levels and engagement are higher for all.  We do not feel that we would gain by allowing students to do high impact PE lessons which would lead to them sitting in a sweaty PE kit for the rest of the day.  When we can we will return to PE in uniform but at the moment the situation will remain the same.

I would like a priced copy of the school menu sending home or for individual prices to be shown on parentpay

We will publish an up to date price list on the website and advertise the prices on the facebook site.

Our answers will not please everyone but I hope everyone appreciates the honesty and openness that you get at YHS, this is another area where we communicate in a way that other schools do not.

However you are passing lockdown have a great weekend

Rod Sims