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Weekly Update - 20th November 2020

Weekly Update - Friday 20/11/2020

Let me start by wishing the Year 11 students good luck in their practice exams over the next two weeks.  There remains uncertainty over the final exams which causes uncertainty for our students.  Our advice is to work hard and try your best.

50% of Year 8 parents are signed up to our first video parents evening. If you have not signed up because you are nervous about technology do not worry, it could not be more simple.  Still time for the other 50% to sign up.

Massive thank you to Nick Brignell Professional Beauty Systems Ltd for donating 4032 bottles of hand sanitizer to the school.  Thank you Nick and all at Professional Beauty Systems.

Only one positive case this week, best wishes to the Year 7’s who are isolating.

Another thank you to the 183 parents who completed the parent survey.  As always it is a real mix of views.  The chart above is with don’t knows removed.  Every category saw an improvement from the survey last October except for “York High school makes me aware of what my child will learn during the year” and unsurprisingly in this time of Covid restrictions “My child can take part in clubs and activities at York High School”.  

In order to not overload you with information in answer to making parents aware of what their child will learn I would like to draw your attention to the following.  

In the Curriculum area of the website there is a year group list. If you select the year group your child is in you will see a list of the subjects they study. By clicking on each one you can see the Learning Journeys which explain in detail what is being learned. 

The following is a link to the curriculum page:

Scroll down to the year group then pick a subject. We are currently in term 1b.

Here is an example from History for Year 9 in this half term:

In the things we like section from the parent survey:

The stamps system encourages good behaviour

The staff are approachable and deal with issues in a speedy manner

The commitment and enthusiasm of the teachers and the inclusive atmosphere of the school

The most important improvement:

We are working on the menu and should have it finalised for next week

We haven’t had a school report in a while:

We send out our attitude to learning reports at the end of every half term.  The more formal reports relating to progress are sent at Easter and the end of the school year in a normal year.  Year 11 will receive a report on their practice exams just after Christmas.

Should we go into another lockdown the work set should be a reasonable amount and explained in a lot more detail?  A lot of the work was very poorly explained on what was required.

Show My Homework (Satchel One) was great for homework but did not allow for interactive explanation.  This is the main reason we have switched to Google Classrooms, although that brings its own issues.  If we have another lockdown the majority of lessons will be a 20 minute interactive explanation from the teacher on Google Meet and then the teacher will be available to answer questions during the rest of the lesson.

Have a great weekend its December soon!

Rod Sims