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Weekly Update - Week 17 

My favourite part of the week is when I am actually teaching. It is not the same as when we are in the classroom, but the interaction with students is the main reason why we work in education.  I have thoroughly enjoyed teaching two way tables to Year 10 and inequalities to Year 11 but it is the moments of lightheartedness at the start of the lessons that have been my highlights.  Firstly I am always pleased at how caring and polite our students are; I greet everyone into the Google Classroom and the amount of students who ask me how I am never fails to bring a smile.  It is however those slightly strange but always funny interactions that make my week, my year 10’s engaged in a spirited debate about whether you should put butter on the bread if you are having Cheese on Toast and my Year 11 class were interrupted by a younger sister hoovering the room, was this a distraction or should we praise the younger sister for doing the cleaning!

I teach very few lessons in comparison to my colleagues but 5 times a day in all year groups the YHS teachers will be trying their best to keep things as normal as possible for the students. As well as the teaching interaction, the Pastoral teams are in regular contact with over 200 of our students and I have just walked past the pile of reward postcards in reception waiting to be posted out. It sums up YHS for me in how strong working relationships between staff, students and parents underpin quality education.  

If you have not already, please join Mrs Burton's Keeping Healthy Challenge, it’s great to see the pictures of you keeping healthy and having fun keeping healthy during lockdown.  One of the challenges is to make a sports person out of clothes, another is taking a photo whilst doing your daily exercise.

For those of you in Years 7 and 8 make sure you join the Sumdog maths challenge over the coming week.

Year 9 parents evening is next week - to discuss option choices please make sure that you are signed up.  The technology is really easy to use, just contact and someone will talk you through the process.

We are now offering all staff a Lateral flow test at our testing centre, we will extend this to the students who are in school next week. 

Have a good weekend.

See you next week,

Rod Sims