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Week 19 Update - 5th February 2021

Next Wednesday we will be exactly halfway through the school year.  It’s really strange how time passes at the moment, it feels so long ago when we were all last in school together but it is “only” 7 weeks.  My favourite phrase this week has been ‘you only know when it’s the weekend because there is more sport to watch!’

We received 70 Chromebooks that we ordered this week and 13 which have been very kindly funded by York Rotary Club.  All 83 will be distributed by the start of next week and we now should now have loaned tech to everyone who has requested support.

We have received 65% of Y9 options choices. Please can you return these if you have not already done so.

Free School Meals vouchers will be distributed next week for the half term. This is not a national decision, City of York Council are funding this provision.

We started the term with the belief that all any of us can do is to do our best. It has been a real team effort throughout the term and I am delighted to say that 91% of students attended at least one lesson this week and the average attendance for each lesson was 66%.  Now we have resolved nearly all technology issues. I do worry about the students who are not attending, especially in year 10 where inevitably those students who are not attending will fall behind.

On a lighter note, Mr Byrne and myself were experimenting with using voice notes to feedback to the students.  The voice recognition software struggled to cope with my Yorkshire accent and Mr Byrne’s Northern Irish.  Hello Katie became hello Kitty, Hi Reece became I respect you and I hope you are well became I live in hope that you are well!

Keep it up for one more week everybody. It must be the weekend tomorrow because the Six Nations is starting.

Stay safe and keep smiling,

Rod Sims