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Weekly update - 12th March 2021

First week back after so long away from school and what a fantastic week.  Without a doubt the highlight of the week has been to see the students back in school and back in classrooms learning.  At the end of the week we have some tired students and some very weary teachers.  It is worth reflecting on just how much different this week has been compared to last week, having gone from spending the vast majority of time in front of screens with families to a building of nearly 800 people.  Our recovery curriculum centres around the re-establishing of routines and all staff have been helping students to settle back into school.

All students whose parents have given consent received 2 packs of covid tests on Thursday or Friday.  If you have not received the test kits please contact school at:   Thank you for your support. We have managed the testing process and caused the minimum disruption to students coming back to school.   No sooner had we dismantled the testing centre in the hall than we had to use it for Year 8  HPV jabs. One day soon we will use it for assemblies and parent evenings again!

Attendance has been really good this week so please keep up the high levels of attendance as attendance has never been so important after missing so much school.

Teaching is a relationship based profession and it is the small things that make it worthwhile - thank you to all the students and staff who have made me smile this week.

All the best,

Rod Sims

Head of School