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Weekly Update 23rd April 2021

Good afternoon

What a difference sunshine makes at the end of the week. The atmosphere in school this week has been excellent. I walked the school period 1 this morning and every classroom was focused and positive.

Year 10 Parents – thank you for your time on Tuesday, I hope that you found the evening useful. Hopefully next year we will be restriction free and we will make a choice as to resuming parents evenings in school. I know that many of you have preferred the new format staying in the comfort of your own home but we only had 44% attending compared to the 60-70% attendance we get for face to face parents evenings.

As we return to some kind of normality it is important that school routines also return to normal as quickly as possible. We recognise that this has been a difficult and stressful time for many families in our community and since returning from the second period of school closure we have made allowances for students uniform and the fact that shops have been closed.

As shops have now reopened, we would expect all students to be dressed in line with the uniform standards that are laid out on page 4 of the student planner. This includes black school trousers (not leggings or jeans) and black leather shoes or trainers (with no additional colour). We are asking that all students are in correct uniform by Tuesday 4th May at the latest.

Year 11 Hoodies – some of you have already received your hoodie and the rest will be distributed on Monday. Leavers hoodies can be worn in school as long as the rest of the uniform is correct.

The Childrens commissioner would like all students to take part in the Big Ask which gives all under 18’s the opportunity to have your say in how the country should be run. The following link will take you to the survey:

Enjoy the weekend and the good weather. I will be celebrating my Birthday - 53 How did that happen!

All the best,

Rod Sims