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Weekly Update 30th April 2021

Good afternoon and let's hope for better weather this bank holiday weekend.

Well done to the Year 11 students who are working hard towards their Teacher Assessed GCSE Grades.  The school is brighter now due to the variety of coloured leavers hoodies that they are wearing.  We can be certain now that the Year 11 students will leave at half term meaning that they only have 4 weeks left at school.  All staff are working exceptionally hard to make sure that the students get the fairest grades possible.

One of our Year 7 parents raised a really good question this week:

“When will children be able to wear a P.E kit as it’s been all year now and my boy in year 7 has never worn his kit and we are going through trousers all the time as they are getting worn and splitting from over use.”

I am sure that many of you will be asking the same question and I wanted to share our response to keep everybody up to date with the situation regarding PE

We fully appreciate the frustration of having bought a PE kit that is not getting used whilst the kids are growing out of it. Our plan is to wait until the 17th May when we expect the guidance will change. The issue for us is that the changing rooms are very small and not well ventilated if we were contact tracing the entire class would have to isolate, therefore we have made the decision to continue to do PE in uniform. Students are encouraged to remove ties and jumpers. I am aware that other schools have different plans just as we have been able to offer access to Drama, technology and Food where other schools have not. There are other benefits in the fact that all students take part in PE, there are minimal students with notes asking to be excused. Some schools have taken the decision to allow students to be in PE kit all day where we think that the issues around sitting in sweaty kit will be the same.  In summary, we will return to full kit PE but not immediately. We know that the current situation is far from perfect and let's hope for a change on the 17th May.

Finally, a farewell to Mr Innes who has been part of the Inclusion team, Mr Innes will be missed by staff and students alike.

Enjoy the Bank Holiday.

Rod Sims