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Weekly Update 14th May 2021

Week 30

Face coverings

Students do not need to wear face coverings from Monday at all in school. If students are still anxious about Covid they may wear face coverings. This is in direct response to government guidance. From a teaching point of view this is a real turning point. It has been so hard in a profession that is based on relationships to teach when you are unable to read the facial expressions in the room. Teachers are still required to wear face coverings in communal areas.

Year 11

It really struck home how Year 11 have been affected by Covid this week when the Heads of House were looking for pictures of Year 11. There aren’t any from Year 9 onwards as there have been no school trips or events. Not even a trip to Flamingoland! Having missed out on so many things that are memorable about school we think it is really important that we give Year 11 a proper finish to the year with a leaver’s assembly and a prom. Prom tickets are still available for £30 until Wednesday.

The vast majority of students are working really hard for their last round of assessments. The assessments for most students will be finished by the end of next week and we will be having a leaver’s assembly on Friday 21st May. Students will be leaving school between 11 – 12pm on this day.

Some assessments will still take place in the following week and students will be issued with a personalised timetable if needed.

It was so good on Thursday to see some extra-curricular activity resume with the Year 7 choir. Well done to all who attended and Mrs Cooper for organising the choir.

Thank you to David Williams and all of Co-op for donating £200 for books to help with anxiety for the school. A big thank you to Kirsty Stotten, a parent at YHS whose mum Lucy worked at YHS for many years, for arranging the donation.

I have a kitchen to paint this weekend so I hope your weekend is better than mine!

All the best

Rod Sims