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Weekly Update 9th July 2021

Week 37

Only 2 weeks of this year to go and what a year!

It’s been really tough and keeps getting tougher, this week 25% of staff have been isolating and nearly 20% of students.

Throughout this year we have been restricted as to what we can do and although the teaching quality keeps improving, other events outside of lessons have not happened. We want to put a smile back on the school, which is why we have had an impromptu non uniform day today to celebrate England’s appearance in the final.

Next week Geography are taking year 10 out on Monday for field work, yes you heard right – a school trip!

Everyone is looking forward to Sunday for the football and Monday for the government’s announcement on step 4. By the 13th we should know if prom is on.

I will leave you with one question “Is it coming home?”

Rod Sims