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Week 21 Roundup


Week 21

Firstly apologies for the lack of update last week due to my first spell of illness in 2 years.  Not including when I caught COVID conveniently in the Summer Holidays.  It has been a busy half term with some fantastic events. 

We have a packed newsletter this week so lets go!

RAS Award - Mrs Kitchen

Since October half term, our Y7 students have been working on the Y7 Resilience Aspiration and Success (RAS) award.  This award challenges students to get involved in our wide range of after school enrichment activities and collect points to show their commitment. All of the students pictured were awarded prizes in our end of term reward assemblies back in December for having the highest number of points and so we wanted to share their success with you! 


Ruben was the overall RAS award winner collecting a record number of 70 points; he gained these points mainly through 'Resilience' activities, including cooking his family a meal - well done Ruben! 

Noah won the Resilience award for a range of activities completed at home, including developing his cooking skills. Noah also attended Cooking Club - well done Noah!

Gabriela won the Aspiration award - she researched some of the most inspirational figures, including human rights activist Malala Yousafzai and wrote a profile about her - well done Gabriela!

Charlie won the Success award - - Charlie has been a staple feature at a huge range of our after school clubs, from Newspaper Club to Rollerblading, with an immensely positive attitude - well done Charlie! 

We look forward to seeing our Y7 students continue to gather their RAS Award points this term ahead of awarding prizes at Easter!

Year 7 Football - Mr Russell

Y7 have had a football fixture away at Millthorpe this week and I must say how proud I am of each and every one of the students.  They represented YHS very well with an excellent performance and conducted themselves impeccably before and after the match.

I know it’s difficult to single people out as they were genuinely all superb but special mentions to Cohen with a non-stop all-action midfield display, Max B for his versatility and maturity, Callum for a superb 2nd half performance in the middle of midfield with his drive and determination and finally Riley B for an outstanding performance at centre back leading the line and my man of the match. 

Riley G and Tyler also gave sterling performances in the 2nd half too contributing well to the team in midfield and defence respectively.

We were losing 4-0 at half time but we came back and won the 2nd half 1-0 which is proof that the resilience is instilled within these young people and they found a way to stick together and rise to the challenge that faced them.

I am proud of them all

Year 7 Tutoring Celebration - Mrs Bargewell

On Wednesday afternoon, Mr Sims and Miss Bargewell were proud to host an assembly celebrating the successes of York High School's first tutoring programme.


Focused on reading skills, 50 Year 7 pupils have engaged with a wide range of rich and sophisticated texts; they have slithered down the sinuous streets of Gothic Barcelona, gone surfing in the USA and even survived dinner with a Vampire!  When asked for some of their favourite new words from the tutoring sessions, pupil responses included 'sombre, dank, serene, meticulous and mutilated!'


Whilst all pupils have worked diligently, three pupils were nominated for showing exceptional resilience, aspiration and success: Jayden (Resilience), Lacie (Aspiration) and Yun (Success). Well done and a huge thank you to the tutors Mrs Horton, Ms Vasey and Miss Jennings for their time and expertise.

We look forward to working with a new group of pupils in the Summer Term!

Mrs Lawson Year 11 Tutoring

We had our first evening of additional maths and English tutoring on Wednesday with some fantastic tutors from York University. Our Year 11 pupils did themselves proud, really working hard to get themselves ready for their exams. Well done to all involved!

Roller Hockey - Miss Eaton

During todays roller skating club we decided to change things up a bit and have a little challenge! As if roller skating isn’t hard enough… try non-ice hockey! We got a puck and the ice hockey sticks out and the students had a good go at playing the game! The resilience shown was fantastic, none of them giving up and working together as a team to help each other out!

Great effort from all, a big well done from Miss Eaton and Mrs Toyne.

Dodgeball - Mr Russell

Tonight we saw 36 students from Years 7,8,9 and 10 attend Dodgeball Club in the sports hall.  As usual the games were played in great spirit by all and myself and Miss Eaton were so impressed at how well the students worked together.

Special mention to Lewis who scored a basket in one game which results in an instant win for his team - first time I’ve seen that happen!

We have some seriously good dodgeball players - Shanley, Ronnie, Edward, Tia, Riley…the list goes on.  Mr Russell tried to join in but couldn’t dodge out of the way of a couple of missiles - one from Stan and one from Tyler!

Well done to all and enjoy a well-deserved break.

Pastoral News from Mrs Burns

ATL Reward Trip - Easter Term

For the Easter rewards trip we will be inviting 8 pupils with the highest ATL from each year to go to Meadowhall.  There will be time for a cinema showing, lunch and plenty of shopping!  To be selected for this trip you simply need to have one of the highest ATLs in the year!  The ATL window opens on 28th February and we will select pupils on 28th March.  That's one month to do your very, very best. 

Year 11 Prom

Miss Glen has kindly offered to help Mr Walker and Miss Burns organise the prom!  Miss Glen will be visiting some possible venues over half term before offering the short list to pupils.  Miss Glen will be forming a Prom Committee of Year 11 pupils so please speak to her if you would like to be considered for this.

The provisional date for Prom is Thursday 30th June.

Ignis get the glory!

It's a clean sweep for Ignis who storm their way to the top of the House Cup competition board.  With the best scores in all four areas of attendance, behaviour, reading and stamps, it seems there could be no stopping them this year.  Aqua, Terra and Ventus - you have some catching up to do!

Well done Mrs Harrison and all Ignis pupils.

Finally it has been confirmed that City of York Council will fund a 1 week free school meal voucher for each pupil eligible for benefit based free school meals over the February half term.

See you all on Monday 28th Feb, have a great half term.




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