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Transition – Setting the Standard

Setting the Standard

In this section we aim to answer some of the additional questions about moving up to York High.

If you have any questions not covered here the Year 7 form tutors or Head of Year will be able to help.

School Uniform

The uniform at York High was designed to be really accessible, with most items being easily available from the retailer of your choice.

For the branded items, such as our school jumpers our uniform provider is SCHOOLSHOP

Pupils at York High School are the ambassadors for our school and we expect the highest standards of behaviour and appearance both within the school day and during the journey to and from school.

To see the full details of our uniform requirements please visit our UNIFORM page


The Positive Behaviour Policy

At York High we believe in the development of each individual and are committed to providing the best opportunities for all in an atmosphere of mutual respect.

The schools behaviour policy is built upon the ‘Positive Behaviour’ model, and provides a clear framework of what is acceptable in terms of behaviour, attitude to learning and conduct.

Our 5 Classroom rules
  1. Arrive on time fully equipped.
  2. Respect Staff – Do as you are asked, first time every time.
  3. Always do your best.
  4. No talking unless asked – Put your hand up and wait for permission to speak.

Always do your homework and hand it in on time.

The YHS Way

We also expect our pupils to meet our expectations set out by our YHS Way. These expectations are the foundation of a successful and positive experience in school:

  • We attend school and lessons on time and are always equipped.
  • We are role models for others and always try our best.
  • We wear the correct uniform always.
  • We keep our hands to ourselves.
  • We look out for each other and report any concerns to an adult. Be the defender!
  • We treat everyone with respect. We greet people politely and always with a smile.
  • We respond promptly and respectfully to all staff instructions.
  • We walk calmly and quietly on the left, around the building.
  • We only eat in the designated areas within school.
  • We keep our school clean and litter free and always tidy up after ourselves.
Positive Behaviour Comments

A positive behaviour comment will be issued by staff when a student fails to meet one of the school expectations such as homework (H), behaviour (B), uniform (U) and late to school or lesson (L).


Detentions are issued to students for three comments and other misdemeanours and are held weekly. These are staffed by a rota of SLT, Pastoral leaders and Subject leaders and staff. These detentions are for 30 minutes and are held in the main hall. If a student fails to attend a 30 minute detention, they will be entered automatically for a Headteacher’s detention on a Thursday for 45 minutes. Failure to attend a Headteacher’s detention will result in the student completing a day in Reflection.


Getting to School

Students are representing the school on their journey to and from school, and therefore we expect them to:

  • Wear their uniform appropriately
  • Behave in a sensible and responsible manner
  • Be on time to school in the morning (more information below)
  • Dismount their bikes and walk them through the school gates to the bike sheds
  • Show members of the public respect and represent the school in the correct manner

Pupils are expected to be on school site by 8:35am, ready for the entry bell, so that they can get to their form room promptly. Students arriving after the 8:40am bell will receive a detention for after school on the same day

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