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Week 8

We reach the end of the half term with students still working hard.  I want to start this week with the magnificent 6 from the year 10 rugby team.  Despite several late no shows the magnificent 6 fronted up in a 9 a side tournament and represented the school with pride.  All the boys were fantastic but Callum C in particular was magnificent in his play and the leadership he showed.

From this week we are showcasing different departments and this week the focus is on History so I will let YHS legend Mr Hardy tell you about History.

In History Year 7 have made a fantastic start to York High with an in-depth analysis of the impacts of the Vikings on Britain. Year 8 have been studying the Tudors, and how well Elizabeth dealt with the problems of her reign. This has fed into History Learning Postcards, where some students have been able to talk to relatives about the specific topics they have been learning. Year 9 have been studying the events and experiences of World War One in the trenches. This is of great benefit to the 4 students going on the Centenary Battlefields Tour in November to Belgium and France. These students will certainly have an action-packed adventure next month! Year 9 will continue their study of the 20th century in Spring Term, when we will be running a new trip to London. It is fantastic to see their engagement and interest in the 20th century, with numbers increasing from 40 to 45 on the trip.

Year 10 have made an excellent start to their GCSEs, with lots of specific detail about improvements to healthcare in their books, as well as some extremely interesting debates in class. Keep it up!

Elizabethan England returns for Year 11, who are now almost ¾ of the way through the GCSE content. It has been fantastic to see such high attendance figures at History interventions on Thursday evenings! Make sure that you’re revising for your mocks.

Thanks to everyone for their support this half term and see you all again on November 5th when hopefully England will be the winners of the Rugby World Cup.