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Welcome to the Geography Department at York High School!

Subject Leader:  Mr Pattinson

Subject Teachers: Mrs Callan and Mrs Stephens-Davies

The aim of Geography at York High School is to develop skills and knowledge to understand the world around us. We encourage our students to “think Geographically” by asking who, what, why and how.

To encourage this we offer a variety of teaching methods inside, and outside the classroom, as well as opportunities to go on field visits to inspire and challenge students, both in the local area, and internationally; for example, KS4 students have had the opportunity to go to Italy and visit sites such as Pompeii and the Island of Capri to enthuse their sense of awe and wonder.

The Geography department comprises of three dedicated Geography specialists who are passionate about their subject. In Geography we offer a comprehensive KS3 curriculum:

The focus in Year 7 is to develop geographical skills and locational awareness; students study maps, weather, climate and population.

In Year 8 we study Ecosystems, development, industry and globalisation.

In Year 9 we concentrate on the impact that human activity is having on the physical environment, studying energy, global warming, deforestation and disasters.

At KS4 we offer GSCE through AQA specification A, details of which can be found here: