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Design and Technology

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Design and Technology staff

Design and Technology

“Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works.”

– Steve Jobs

KS3 Overview

In the department you will study designing and manufacturing using wood, metal, polymers and card.

You will be using 2D Computer Aided Design (CAD) and the laser cutter to create quality products.

You will learn how mechanisms and structures work in products and as well as using 2D CAD to create a shop quality product using systems and control.

You will manually manufacture products by hand and with the use of jigs.

Key Skills

2D CAD – 2D Design, 3D CAD – Solid modelling (Autodesk Fusion 360), Photoshop – Graphic design, 3D Printing – additive manufacturing, CNC manufacturing – Laser cutter and Router, Types of jointing – dowel, housing and butt, types of paper, board, card, wood, metal, and polymers. Iterative design, designers Dyson, , accuracy, use of handsaws, try squares, safety rule, Tenon saw, hegner scroll saw, jigs, modelling in card, Styrofoam, finishing skills – sanding, varnishing, oiling, staining, painting. Drawing – isometric and orthographic.

KS3 Topics

Learning Journeys Year 7 – Trinket box

Learning Journeys Year 7 – Linkage toy

Learning Journeys Year 8 – Mobile phone holder

Learning Journeys Year 8 – Wicked warnings

Learning Journeys Year 9 – Drawing skills

Learning Journeys Year 9 – Clocks


Key Stage 4 overview

Year 10

Year 10 is designed to cover a breadth of topics covered in the AQA Design Technology specification, delivered with an engaging mix of practical and theory based lessons.

Learning Journeys – Unit 0

Learning Journeys – Unit 1

Learning Journeys – Unit 2

Learning Journeys – Unit 3

Learning Journeys – Unit 4

Learning Journeys – Unit 5

Learning Journeys – Unit 6

Year 11

Learning Journeys – NAE task

Exam board

Revision Materials: Design and Technology
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