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“The computer was born to solve problems that did not exist before.”
— Bill Gates

Key Stage 3 overview

In the department you will study a wide range of Computing and Media (including office skills such as word processing, spreadsheets and databases), Computing (including games /app making and the internal workings of a computer) and Media (including animation, graphic design and movie making) all of which will be useful for everyday life. You will have the opportunity to work with new technology and master the use of existing technology.

You will learn how technology is used for different purposes, audiences and genres whilst undertaking exciting practical work.

Key Skills

  • Safety Online
  • Structural Programming
  • Photo Editing
  • Data input and processing
  • Programming
  • Database Management
  • Animation Creation
  • Kiosk Systems
  • Movies and Special Effects

Key Stage 3 Topics

Year 7

  • Safety and Security
  • Word Processing
  • Logo
  • Control Systems
  • Movie Making

Year 8

  • HTML
  • Spreadsheets
  • Python 1
  • The Computer
  • Animation

Year 9

  • Databases
  • Kiosk Touchscreen Systems
  • Python 2
  • Binary
  • Graphics and Project

KS4 Overview

Creative I-media

Creative I-Media is a vocational qualification that incorporates animation, graphics, sound and video. 

Students will undertake four units. One examination assessment on Pre-Production skills and three pieces of coursework. 

  • Units Covers: Animation, Kiosk systems, graphics and photo editing
  • Number of exams: 1 (25%)
  • Number of attempts of the exam: 2
  • Coursework: 3 pieces (25% per piece of coursework)

The exam unit study guide is available at along with flash cards and reference for each of the other units. 

Computer Science

The students will undertake three units. Two examinations and one NEA. The NEA is a programing task usually to create a game using Python. Each exam paper is worth 50% each. They will learn about hardware, software and computer systems. They will understand how to write a computer game and make it as efficient as possible.

Computer Science is a GCSE course that also counts as a science. The course requires students to learn a programming language.

  • Programming Language: Python
  • Number of exams: 2 (50% per exam)
  • Number of attempts of each exam: One
  • Coursework: None

All units are covered and assessed using the webbuster education website available at

Exam board 

You can see the course specifications here for:

Creative I-Media

Computer Science

Revision materials 



  • Creative I-media Work Book, Kevin Wells
  • Creative I-media text book, Kevin Wells

Computer Science


  • Collins Computer Science work book
  • Letts Computer Science Text book
  • Python in one day, text book
  • Flashcards pack for Computer Science
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