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Welcome to the Science Department at York High School!

Subject  Leader:  Mr A Drury

“Science is everything. It explains why our beautiful, awe-inspiring planet is here, why we get out of bed every morning, why the stars shine in the night sky. And, perhaps most importantly, it makes us curious enough to ask those questions in the first place.”

We are passionate about Science at York High School. Every lesson in every year is designed to inspire our pupils to want to learn more, be that through academia, reading, research or practical work. We cover a huge range of topics, from the tiniest cells and atoms to the wonders of the universe. Our GCSE course is designed to work alongside the Maths and English curriculums to ensure maximum understanding and help every pupil realise their potential.

In Years 7 - 9 all pupils follow an integrated science course, often taught by a variety of specialist teachers. Practical units are used to introduce pupils to key scientific ideas that form the basis of their learning through to GCSE. All the units include the latest changes to the national curriculum. Pupils receive regular homework involving a range of activities and they are assessed by the use of regular end-of-unit tests and written assessments, leading to an end-of-year test to ensure a smooth transition into the following year. The outcome of these is used to review progress and set targets for further improvement.

In Years 10 and 11 all pupils spend 20% of their curriculum time following a broad and balanced Science course. This includes a variety of assessment methods including internally assessed work, unit tests and final examinations. All students will study Physics, Biology and Chemistry, however a variety of courses are offered to facilitate this, including the new AQA Trilogy course and AQA Separate Sciences.

We hope to stimulate a curiosity about Science and its applications, an understanding of its limits, respect for living things, concern for personal health, a sense of wonder at the universe and care for the environment. In short we want to inspire a love of learning and grow our own scientists of tomorrow.

Curriculum Information:

Key Stage 3

In KS3 pupils are taught 6 hours per fortnight and follow a curriculum that builds on previous knowledge and introduces key ideas that pupils will study at KS4 as well as allowing pupils to develop investigative skills.

All pupils in Science are set by ability at KS3 and all teachers are following a scheme of work that ensures that all pupils cover a range of stimulating and engaging topics. The scheme of work allows for all pupils to be challenged and given additional support where necessary. Pupils are assessed regularly in class and their progress closely monitored, pupils undertake an end-of-year assessment, as well as assessments at the end of each unit.

Key Stage 4

Students in Year 11 receive 9 hours a fortnight. They are taught by subject specialists and learn all 3 disciplines of Science – Biology, Chemistry and Physics. The majority of students will study AQA Trilogy Science, whilst some will study AQA Separate Sciences.

In Year 10 students follow either 8 hours a fortnight of Trilogy or 15 hours a fortnight of Separate Science.

Students are set by ability and are assessed through regular internal assessment followed by terminal exams set by the exam board.