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Message from the Head – Week 29

Week 29 – 3 May 2024

Key Dates

  • Y11 GCSE Exams begin – Tuesday 7th May
  • Y7 Parents Evening – Wednesday 8th May

Good Luck to Year 11

Hello and Happy Bank Holiday

I am going to start this week with the following notice from Mrs Lawson to Year 11:

We would like to wish all of our Year 11 pupils the very best of luck as they start their GCSE exams next week!

Here are some key reminders for the next few weeks. Pupils will be completing crucial revision in their lessons and TT4S revision sessions, so they need to be in school full time attending all lessons and revision sessions and will not be allowed to sign out after exams.

Attending these sessions gives pupils the very best chances of success.

This is their time to shine and put into practice our school values of resilience, aspiration and success by giving these exams their absolute best.

Good luck Year 11!


The exam season is a tough time for all year 11 students but I would like to add a couple of comments that I have received today.

After the first TT4S revision session Mr Bower said “Year 11 were absolutely fantastic”

Mr Byrne described his Year 11 Maths class as “Truly wonderful, they could not have worked harder”

It’s not always been easy but Year 11 are a great group of students.


Make sure that we all check the Summer Uniform update from Mr Walker this week.

For the first time ever, school shop are stocking shorts for Girls and boys as part of the uniform.

Please be aware that leggings should not be worn in place of trousers and skirts should be an appropriate length.


Have a great bank holiday.

All the best.

Rod Sims


Ripon Workhouse Museum

On Wednesday, Year 8 visited Ripon Workhouse Museum.

We had the opportunity to experience a Victorian pauper child’s life and empathise with the issues they would have faced.

Students took to sweeping with gusto and thoroughly enjoyed the laundry activity.


Students demonstrated an exemplary attitude to learning and we were really impressed with the questions they asked.

Well done!

Summer Uniform from Tuesday 7th May

From Tuesday 7th May, students have the option to wear tailored school shorts, such as the images below.

Pupils can wear tailored shorts but must be wearing plain black ankle/trainer socks.

The tailored school shorts must be purchased via SchoolShop.

No other type of short will be allowed

All staff will be spot checking uniform. We have noticed an increase in joggers and leggings and you will be asked to change.

Jumpers do not have to be worn around school

Ties need to be beneath shirt pocket length (even if you don’t have a shirt pocket – at least 3 buttons)

If you need to fill your bottle do not wait till the warning bell, fill it over break or lunch

Throwing water inside the building is Reflection, Outside is a detention

Prom and Leavers Hoodies

Tickets for those pupils already eligible to attend Prom can be purchased via parentpay or the finance office.

The criteria for those who have not been successful yet will close on May 10th once register marks have been taken.

An update will be shared on the afternoon of May 10th.

Leavers hoodies will be arriving next week and distributed to pupils once they arrive.



Since September
  • over 4879 hours of independent Maths work have been completed
  • 593,506 questions have been answered correctly
  • 208 students have improved their times tables
  • 10y/Ma2 have the highest average XP per student.
19 students have reached the next XP level.
These students are:
  • Imogen M – 8y / Ma2
  • Emma F – 7x / Ma1
  • Jess H – 10x / Ma1
  • Milo S – 7x / Ma1
  • Amelia H – 7y / Ma2
  • Will F – 9x / Ma1
  • Toby P  – 9x / Ma1
  • Annie S – 7x / Ma1
  • Carter M – 7x / Ma3
  • Andrea B – 7x / Ma1
  • Ruby W – 7y / Ma1
  • Jaden S – 8x / Ma2
  • Kayden S – 9x / Ma1
  • Tyler G – 7y / Ma2
  • George P – 7x / Ma3
  • William B – 10x / Ma3
  • Max R – 10x / Ma3
  • Harley G – 10x / Ma1
  • Layla B – 7x / Ma3
Well done everyone!



In Other News


YHS Way – Staff Instructions

Reminder: all students should have a school bag to carry their equipment and planner, to keep them from getting lost or damaged.


Community News

Time Out for Parents

Parenting Children with Additional Needs

5 Week Course.

South Bank Multi Academy Trust is working in partnership with Family Matters York to deliver a taster session on Tuesday 7 May, 9.00-11.00am at Scarcroft Primary School.

The full course will take place on Tuesday mornings from 11th June to 2nd July 2024.

To book a place, you must have a child at one of the six SBMAT schools.

For more details please take a look at the following information:

CFF and FMY acknowledgement

Course overview Additional Needs 5wk (1)

To book a place, visit


St John Ambulance

St John Ambulance has a long and proud history of taking care of our communities. Going out of our way to help those in need. With our HEART values in mind,  we are widening access to health volunteering from groups that have not traditionally entered these volunteering opportunities.

If you are interested in letting us provide your young people aged 14 to 18 with opportunities for training and exploring roles in healthcare, please get in touch or use the QR code for more information.


New Service

‘Yorchoice’ – Young People’s Mental Health Support in York

Who is it for?

The Mental Health drop-in is for anyone aged 14-21 yrs (up to 25yrs for those with SEND)

What can we offer?

  • A relaxed environment where Young People are listened to and supported to take steps forward with managing their own Mental Health.
  • Help and support around accessing local services in York, which are most appropriate to their individual needs.
  • Coping strategies and tips around dealing with their own Mental Health and Wellbeing.
  • A proactive approach to support Young People who may be on a mental health waiting list and need support in the ‘here and now’ to bridge the gap before their appointment.
  • A non-judgemental mental health safe space.

Please note: The drop in will not be a crisis service or a youth club

For more information please take a look at this letter from York Mind


NHS Dental Spaces

Hopkins and Poyner Dental practice, are pleased to have received a new contract that has opened up many NHS spaces for children up to 18 years.
There is an unfortunate shortage of NHS dentists in the area, so we hope this will help children in our community, to gain access to free dental care.
We are a local dental practice by the Guy Fawkes Inn, in York.
To register your child complete the registration form



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