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Welcome to the Science Department at York High School!

Science Subject Staff

Mr A Drury (Subject Leader):

Mr M Longbottom (Assistant Subject Leader)

Mrs C Alexander

Miss J Lowthian

Miss L Potocnik

Dr H Smith-Herman

Miss A Taylor

KS3 Overview

In Science you will focus on the practical skills needed to build a good base of scientific vocabulary and knowledge. You will plan experiments of your own and carry them out in our Science laboratories, as well as collecting and analysing practical results to spot patterns and improve your understanding of the world around us.

Key Skills



Following instructions

Analysing results

Using equipment safely

Evaluating ideas and conclusions

KS3 Topics

Cells and Structures

Forces and their Effects


Waves and Radiation

Chemical Reactions


Global Warming and Human Impact

Health and Genetics

KS4 Overview

Broken down into the three main sciences – Physics, Chemistry and Biology – GCSE Science will cover everything from the tiniest of atoms to the biggest of stars and planets. You will study 25 different topics across the three sciences, and each will provide you with different skills and ideas. You will learn how to evaluate data, compare theories and debate impacts, all vital skills for the modern world. Furthermore, Science provides you with two GCSEs, great for boosting your college or apprenticeship entry.

If you have a real passion for Science, we also offer AQA Separate Sciences, which include extra content, bigger ideas and more practicals. This will not only boost your employability, but will also give you three separate GCSEs for your CV!

Exam Board Links For triple, see separate subject specs. For combined, see Trilogy.

Particle Model
Atomic Structure
Space (Triple only)
Cell Organisation
Infection and Response
Homeostasis and Response
Inheritance, variation and evolution ​​​​​​​