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Rod Sims - What's happening at YHS
Weekly Round-up - 18/1/2019

Welcome to the History Department at York High School!

Subject Leader:   Mr Campbell        

The History Department is comprised of four specialist teachers with a wealth of teaching experience and a passion for our subject.


We believe that in an increasingly complex world, all pupils require a thorough understanding of the past so that they can understand and interpret the present, and develop skills that will equip them for a future. We aim to encourage all pupils to develop their knowledge and understanding of British and World History, from the Vikings to the present day, and we encourage pupils to think independently and develop skills that will allow them to select appropriate information and evaluate how reliable it is, an increasingly important skill in the new millennium. 


At KS3, all pupils will have 4 hours of History a fortnight, and we follow the requirements of the National Curriculum so that pupils study over 1000 years of British and World History. At KS4, we follow the new AQA GCSE course that course covers 800 years of History, spanning themes and topics from the Middle Ages, Elizabethan England, the origins and causes of World War Two, and the history of the USA in the 20th Century. All lessons are taught by specialist teachers, supported by a wealth of textual and visual resources, in designated History classrooms, all of which have interactive whiteboards. We also provide opportunities outside the classroom, from visits to local History sites to trips to the Battlefields of World War One in France and Belgium.